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    Hayv Kahraman

    The Saatchi Gallery

    Hayv Kahraman is an Iraqi artist and painter. Her works reflect the controversial issues of gender, honor killings and war, all issues that plague her home country of Iraq. Hayv currently lives and works in San Francisco

    Hayv Kahraman is an artist from Iraq. Spanning drawing, painting, and sculpture, her practice engages with very difficult issues surrounding female identity in her homeland – how women are victimised within their own culture, made subservient to men and often suffer the most from the effects of the war. Kahraman tells these tales of horror with a demure grace through her stunningly beautiful paintings. In this series of work, her images depict the scriptural story of the Sacrifice of The Lamb, which is central to the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha, recasting the figures as women.

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    Well this’ll sure as hell be making the rounds. DAMN! Don’t mess with Shawty!


    Whoever controls the Spice controls the universe!  Or at least the kitchen.

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    Simple, beautiful & ad-free. Read the manifesto:


    Siblings and Tumblr

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    yeah. been here before.

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    Riptide (FlicFlac) - Vance Joy

    Vance Joy - Riptide (FlicFlac)



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    14,413 Plays

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    MRI scan of a human subject from the cranium to the feet.

    No words can describe how much this amazes me


    The story of how these images are created are even more fascinating. I remember seeing a medical documentary on this several years ago. 

    Full detail here and here, and in even more detail about Joseph Jernigan, here.

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    Uh, who got inside my head? BTW, this isn’t from 1969, it’s around the 90’s or so. And you get Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) when he was just a kid! 

    I wasn’t expecting anything but, wow! 

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