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Twenty steps forward, fifteen steps backward. Hey, waitaminute! Am I facing the right direction?

Life's ups and downs, crossroads and milestones. Or just a big steaming plateful of random...

WARNING: On occasion, some images or editorials and comments contained within this tumblr may be too fabulous for your shitty day job.


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    Pondering life while watching the trees pass.

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    Pierre Frey toile

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    Seriously though, da fuk are those? I want my own pool filled with them.

    Moon fish?! They all look happy. It’s just.


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    same guy who said this

    he’s my fucking hero

    (via greviousmentalharm)

    why does everyone like pumpkin so much?



    when in gods name did it become so popular? seriously.

    It and pear (avocado) the texture is so wrong to me

    Pumpkin is disgusting without copious amounts of herbs and spices. Just try that shit raw. Do it and see how you feel about it then. Pumpkin is the Kim Kardashian of food. Trash whore gourd. *KACK*


    Older women working it

    LOVED these two slags.

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    I don’t know about you but I get so weirded out when a guy looks at me when I’m pissing, unless of course he invites himself face-first into my stream, in which case…yep. You dirty whore. I love you.

    So ready.

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    The highlight of the whole gag reel for me!! (x)

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    You know, I remember seeing that piece of shit in the movie theater and was so used to hearing the word, I’d just become immune to it. But yeah, fuck you.

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